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Multinational Corporation Conference


Different conferences were held by the medical association to serve as a platform for ideas exchange. But due to the pandemic, things needed to be changed and it can hardly keep the existing practice – all members gather in one specific place and share the ideas face to face.

A multinational corporation used to conduct the training conference for its members regularly. But during the pandemic period, it is impossible for them to stick with the original schedule and gather at a specific place. However, if the conference is postponed, it will have a great impact on the forthcoming arrangements. In this case, an event live streaming is probably the best alternative.


As some meticulous images are included in the presentation content, stability, and equality of live streaming become essential for the conference. Moreover, the client aims to establish a dedicated webpage, which combines with a broadcast platform and a chatroom, to guarantee the privacy of the event and to maintain the discussion session. All these IT issues add up to a huge burden to the client, who lack IT knowledge, and they are hard to solve it on their own.

Considering the need for a detailed discussion for the content and the lack of experience in holding an online conference, the client was eager to conduct the conference in the usual practice and changed their mind in the last minute, unwillingly. But within this tight schedule, a registration webpage, a broadcast platform, which combines with a chatroom, and several rounds of testing are needed, all these things add up to a 'mission impossible'.

How we overcome?

Reliable and prompt team
With more than 20 years' experience, UDomain is well understanding the needs of different industries and is able to work out the most suitable plan.

As the clock is ticking, The expert team of UDomain, which consists of a Project Manager, the representative of Web Design team and System Architect, decided to take an active role: provides feedback after reviewing the requirements of the client and invited the client for a conference call to discuss all the technical details of the registration webpage and broadcast platform. During the conversation, we shared the experience with the client and provide some valuable suggestions, such as the position of components and the authority level of admins, in order to let the client well acknowledge the potential technical challenges and come up with the solution before it appears.

Consequently, the registration webpage was launched on time, moreover, we have set up a security workflow to handle the data collected. To us, security is as important as efficiency.
Real-Time Monitoring and Emergency Response
Although the registration page is highly appreciated by the client, UDomain team didn’t pause our steps but work harder. We worked closely with the client and had the tests of network speed, signal, and chatroom function to ensure the platform is properly function. As there were more than three thousand attendees, it would turn into a huge burden to the system if all these attendees join the streaming and chatroom simultaneously. Therefore, our team ran the stress test before the event and upgrade the ram and storage of servers according to the result. By doing so, an absolute smooth and stable streaming with high density (HD) resolution quality was guaranteed.

On the event day, UDomain team not only performed the real-time monitoring and technical support as usual but also worked closely with the client and handled all the ad hoc requirements. As a result, all three thousand attendees could enjoy high-quality streaming and exchange their thoughts through the chatroom. A mission impossible is finally completed.

Key Takeaways

Our strongest backbone – over 100Gb+ local and 30Gb international bandwidth serves a foundation of our smooth and stable streaming service. But for a perfect streaming service, it is not only about the technology and resource but our empathy with our clients and persistence in achieving goals.

With UDomain, your mission will turn into a common goal of you and us.
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