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Medical Association Conference


Different conferences were held by the medical association to serve as a platform for ideas exchange. But due to the pandemic, things needed to be changed and it can hardly keep the existing practice – all members gather in one specific place and share the ideas face to face. An event live streaming, therefore, is in demand.


As some meticulous images are included in the presentation content, stability, and equality of live streaming become essential for the conference. Moreover, the client aims to establish a dedicated webpage, which combines with a broadcast platform and a chatroom, so as to guarantee the privacy of the event and to maintain the discussion session. All these IT issues add up to a huge burden to the client, who lack IT knowledge, and they are hard to solve it on their own.

How we overcome?

UDomain leads you on
Since 2010, UDomain starts to provide the live streaming service for enterprises and organisations. As a veteran of live streaming, we have a comprehensive understanding of the whole process and are able to tackle all the problems at the very beginning. Taking the situation of the client into consideration, UDomain expert team not only has the site-visit and network test, as usual, to make sure everything is ready for an HD live streaming, guidance was also provided in the rundown planning, the set-up of camera, the transition arrangement, and the floorplan, etc. With the help of UDomain, the client is absolutely free from hassle.

On the event day, a final round of checking is made and all the hardware and software are well prepared for the guests. All they need to do is just share the ideas and they would have our back to tackle IT problems – both expected and unexpected ones.
Ample resource for high quality service
As some meticulous images are included in the presentation content and their significance in the discussion session, a high density (HD) resolution quality, thus, becomes necessary. With our strongest backbone – over 100Gb+ local and 30Gb international bandwidth and the participation of professional filming crew, we can provide absolute smooth and stable streaming.

The strongest backbone and experienced team are crucial for successful live streaming. Even so, the employment of a third party platform can still ruin the operation. As a one-stop solution provider, UDomain is able to organise our ample resource to ensure the data is being processed in our own server, plus the real time monitoring and technical support, the event is destined to be perfect.
Always by your side
To us, the preparation and follow up work is as important as the operation on the event day. When designing the broadcast platform, UDomain expert team has foreseen the potential issue and prepared the solution accordingly. For instance, the website admin can have a real-time overview which shows the number of audiences, also, new login details can be granted immediately so as to fulfill any urgent requirements.

The event came to an end perfectly. More than 200 audiences join the live streaming simultaneously and all of them are satisfied with the event. Once the event is over, our expert team uploaded the whole video to the platform as soon as we can. By doing so, the members who were not able to join the event could enjoy the archive.

Key Takeaways

Live streaming is becoming more common in all industries. It is definitely an enduring trend as we are entering the 'new normal'

Being an experienced comprehensive Solution Provider, UDomain team is dedicated for you to overcome all the challenges. Simply leave the complicated IT questions to UDomain and we will handle all the hustle for you!
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