Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2018


Yahoo! is one of the most popular search engines and has evolved into a diversified portal for services like news, entertainment and shopping. Yahoo! Hong Kong launched the "YAHOO! Asia Buzz Awards” in 2005, becoming the first comprehensive awards ceremony held in Hong Kong by a website.

Nominee for the awards are decided by the popularity on Yahoo! search engines, aims at rewarding the “buzziest” and most influential icons in the region. In order to get more participation, Yahoo! decided to provide online live streaming to attract a humongous crowd of new audience.


The awards ceremony was held at Piazza C of Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Even though the client hired a PR firm to assist, the company hardly have any experience of handling online streaming, and there was no broadband supply in the outdoor venue. Due to technological limitations, the situation becomes quite complicated. Therefore, customers need professional third parties to provide services to assist them in close contact and coordination with program producers, telecom providers and site manager to provide absolute smooth and stable streaming.

How we overcome?

Comprehensive Coordination
Live streaming ceremonies of such large-scale involve many units. Other than technological know-hows, on-site coordination and cooperation between different units are of utmost importance. With years of experience and expertise, the UDomain technical team could act as the IT department and provide one-stop service, responsible for internal and external coordination. We work to ensure that even the tiniest components in the workflow are in the right places, so that the event would carry on according to the plan. That’s why Yahoo!, being fully confident in the services provided by UDomain, has chosen us as their streaming engineering team for many years.
Prior Rehearsal Preparation
The awards ceremony was such a major event that the live broadcast effect must be perfect, but there were various instability factors that directly affect the quality of the live streaming. Therefore, it was necessary to test repeatedly beforehand. The UDomain network engineering team kept in touch with the venue from the beginning to study the feasibility of wiring. The team was also responsible for negotiating, formulating and testing plans with telecom providers to ensure the best level of output and reception. In addition to the network connection, the UDomain network engineering team also needed to confirm the equipment locations, performance and rehearsal schedule with PR firms and the program producers, before calculating the required manpower and equipment according to the site conditions.
Professional Monitoring
Beginning from decoration of the location, the UDomain network engineering team has been fully involved in each of the steps. During the awards ceremony, our team kept monitoring the output and feed quality effect every second, so that the audience watching the live streaming can enjoy the general effects on site. We also perform PING tests simultaneously to ensure that the signal of output and reception are normal. Finally, the event came to an end perfectly and has been watched by millions so far.

Key Takeaways

Online live streaming of events could bring about humongous promotional effect and broaden the reach of audience. However, for a live broadcast of a large-scale event such as “Yahoo! Buzz Awards” to be successful, it involves complex networking technologies, real-time monitoring and emergency response, not to mention a flexible and reliable team of fellows who are able to fit into various situations who perform beyond ordinary IT firms. Fully experienced in live streaming, the UD network engineering team are able to formulate emergency plans in advance, with over 100Gb+ local bandwidth as a strong support. Let’s hand over the complicated work of live streaming to UDomain!
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