Sam Hui online concert 2020


The spread of pandemic has forced cinemas and theatres to close and lots of concerts cancelled, leaving employees in these fields unemployed. Sam Hui, a local superstar nicknamed ‘God of Song’ in 1970s to 1990s, who was reluctant to see long term backstage partners losing jobs, wanted to make use of his influence to help them get through such difficult time. He sought partnership with HiEggo, a new local media led by Lawrence Cheng, to hold an online concert in the near future. Multiple Facebook and YouTube channels will broadcast the concert live and funds will be raised to backstage employees.


Although the client has experience in doing small scale live broadcasts on YouTube, the resource and planning required for the proposed Sam Hui concert were different from ordinary live broadcasts. The lack of related experience, extremely limited preparation time and the need to ensure the seamless live broadcast and fund raising processes has worried the client, who soon contacted UDomain via business partner for a solution.

How we overcome?

Get in-depth understanding of client’s needs
The client did have experiences of holding small scale online live broadcast, yet the experience, techniques and equipment of live streaming were lacking. UDomain focused efforts in tackling technical problems by providing solutions which support live broadcast on multiple online channels. CDN was proposed to accelerate the connection speed of local and overseas audiences, which will in turn minimize the bad effects on video and audio quality brought by latency, so that the audience can enjoy the show. With these solutions, the client could focus on other aspects of the performance.
Ensure success with past experience
Large scale online live broadcast of concerts with on-site fundraising were hardly found before the pandemic. Without a similar example to follow, the client found it hard in preparation. UDomain, on the other hand, are expert in live broadcasts with several years of experience in holding live broadcast events of different scales, from school sports day to e-sports competition and major award ceremony. After listening to the client’s needs and concerns by our project manager, our technical team acted quickly to prepare for the online concert. Contingency plans as well as on-demand web traffic, Cloud server and cyber security solutions were available as well.
Professional guidance & repeated tests
UDomain always keep our professionalism to any event regardless of its size. Technical team members were ever ready, monitoring the network performance & live video quality during testing, rehearsal and throughout the event. As sufficient preparation works were done and communications maintained, even though some of UDomain fellows had to work from home due to pandemic related regulations – a situation well predicted from the beginning of event preparation, equipment were moved to technicians’ homes so that the quality of live broadcast and network stability were unaffected.

Key Takeaways

The pandemic has brought about long lasting impacts to the performing art industry, leaving its workers seeking online performance as a way out, yet little could be done given the lack of technical knowledge. Over the past 20+ years UDomain has been striving to live up to the spirit of growing with clients’ businesses. Much like most of the Hongkongers, we try our very best to maximize flexibility and provide clients with tailor-made services for business growth under the ‘New Normal’. In this case, UDomain not only utilized the 100Gb+ dedicated local bandwidth, 300Gb+ global CDN coverage and streaming server, but also the experience of serving clients accumulated for many years, to arrange equipment and human resources in particularly short notice that facilitated to the success of concert. Many have been inspired by its success, including Aaron Kwok, who had a plan for an online concert with larger scale and coverage.
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