Ocean Park Halloween Opening


Can you find out the common feature of a music concert, press conference and the NASA space station? Live Streaming. When the astronaut is showing his work to the world via streaming video, you can know that the power of live streaming is bigger than you could ever imagine, the promotion effect is unpredictable, too.

Halloween Fest is the signature annual event of Hong Kong Ocean Park. This year, they want to add something new to the promotional ways: Cooperating with Yahoo Hong Kong (Yahoo) and broadcast the opening event live in order to make a O2O promotion and attract people's eyes.


Nowadays, Live streaming is such a normal function in the social media: just a few clicks away, you and I can start the own live show. However, a right thing is not a perfect thing. Poor sound quality, low resolution of image or latency of internet, all of these can 'kill' a streaming, make the audiences' happy faces turn into angry and damage the company's reputation. In addition, the opening event consists of dancing show, interview and advertising insertion, the more sections are included, the more chance to make mistakes. Thus, a professional live streaming team is definitely needed.

How we overcome?

Since 2010, UDomain has provided online live streaming service. We acted as the official online live streaming partner of music concerts & live shows, music awards presentation ceremonies, Yahoo interviews, result announcements of listed companies, press conferences, school sports day and more. All these challenges made UDomain an expert and qualified for this difficult task. Besides the practical experience, we got our own CDN platform and 40Gb dedicated Hong Kong bandwidth link to HKIX directly, this advantage allows us to stream your event smoothly to thousands of online viewers.
Detailed technical rehearsals and on-site testing
Although UDomain has spent several years on the communication work with different film crews, we still treat every event as an individual one. Also, we truly understand how to conduct a successful live broadcasting, each party must work closely together. In addition to communicate with Yahoo and Ocean Park closely, we dedicated a technical team to the site one week before the show. During that rehearsal, our Technical team and CS team discussed with the camera team, control panel and the technical team of Yahoo. We talked about the coordination processes and contingency plans that day then collaborated in real-time in multiple rehearsals and on-site testing. All these things were done in order to take every opportunity to fine-tune every technical detail.
Experienced on decision making in emergency situations
Although the rehearsal result was perfect, UDomain insisted to have a final test before the show. As the experience told us, there were lots of unexpected situations might pop up even they were all fine during the rehearsals: the unstable performance of bandwidth, the asynchronous of sound and image, the poor sound quality, etc. We also need to communicate with the film crews so as to prepare the transition arrangements for different section of the show. All these are learnt from different live streaming projects that started from 2010. Finally, we made a big success on this streaming, spectators from different regions watched the opening ceremony using the phone, PC, tablets and other equipment with step HD broadcast, made the opening ceremony become a popular topic.

Key Takeaways

Live Broadcasting becomes part of designated events, but the relevant technical and complex equipment, the organizers are often difficult to deal with it without external help. In the past years, UDomain has been in charge of a lot of streaming live broadcasts. Our rich practical experience, with a macro perspective, as required and in response to the pre-site environment to develop viable options, and also provides SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing model can help clients to lighten the burden. Under this "pay as you go" scheme, our clients don't need to pay for the equipment and software for a single activity, apparently bring down the operating costs while flexibly enjoying our professional services. With the 40Gb Local Hong Kong Bandwidth and the on-site technical support team, we can ensure you a successful live event.

Selecting UDomain means that you can outsource all the difficulties with live broadcasting service can save time and effort to focus on your activity content.
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