“See you soon” was a series of stage reading performances initiated and organized by PROJECT ROUNDABOUT; and administered and produced by Schoolmates.cc , with technical support from tbc and UDomain. It was a full public theatre performance with online live streaming – a common practice in some countries but the very first time in Hong Kong. The entertainment industry in Hong Kong used to think that such sort of practices could cost a lot and yield little return, and were not motivated in its development as a result. It was until everything was halted by the pandemic that people started to think about new technologies.


The Hong Kong Govt issued the Prohibition on Group Gathering as a result of pandemic situation, an order that restricted cinemas and theatres from opening and filmmakers from working due to the crowd limits. Schoolmates.cc then supported PROJECT ROUNDABOUT to hold the full online live streaming “See you soon” theatre performance, a series of more than 10 performances to show Hong Kong’s performance to audience around the world – from Hong Kong to USA, Europe and Middle East – at the same time.

PROJECT ROUNDABOUT – co-founded by Louisa So Yuk Wah, Poon Chan Leung & Harry Chi-wai Cheung – worked with Schoolmates.cc , tbc and UDomain to hold “See you soon”, a full online broadcasted theatre performance. A series of performances were held and broadcasted live through the Internet with all gate receipts and revenue from live streaming donated to entertainment industry fellows whose were unable to make a living under the pandemic.

How we overcome?

Innovative ideas must be supported by certain level of techniques. As it was the first time for the organizer to broadcast a performance online for global audience, they could hardly imagine the technical difficulties. Theatres in Hong Kong were not designed to facilitate online broadcasting, so the first challenge was to see if the broadband network in theatres was enough support the entire show. UDomain acted quickly to communicate with service provider for setting up fiber-optic cable connection in the venue, that fully supports HD online live broadcast of the performance. Then 2 teams of technicians were called upon to rotate between on-site and back-end technical supports in a series of performances, to deal with any unpredictable technical problems.

The public performances were welcomed by enthusiastic overseas audiences – from USA to Europe and Middle East. Yet certain routing techniques were required for online live broadcasts to overseas. Soon as getting feedbacks from overseas audience on instability concerns, UDomain immediately coordinated with overseas server farms in Europe and Australia to provide stable CDN network connection for routing purpose, including locations in North America, Europe and Australia. Audience from anywhere in the world can enjoy the great performances with stable video streaming.

Key Takeaways

Schoolmates.cc , which was responsible for online broadcasting of the performance, praised the UDomain technical team for their professionalism, which was shown early in the preparation stage that once a problem was found, the team would immediately contact the organizer and provide solutions, so that the organizer could concentrate on performance issues and how to bring the best for the audience. They admitted that UDomain’s supports were crucial to the live performance as it was the very first time that a performance was broadcasted live on the Internet. The success of “See you soon” not only helped fellows in the entertainment industry get through difficult times, but also set an example of online broadcast of performance to the world.

Reliable with years of solid experiences, UDomain not only ensure the success of the client’s online live streaming performance, but also provide sufficient local, Chinese and overseas bandwidth, global coverage of CDN and a variety of add-on streaming services to materialize the client’s innovative ideas, especially in these days when new ideas are much needed. Live broadcasted events have become more diverse thanks to the sufficient support provided by UDomain, which let corporations concentrate efforts on innovation and provide audience with much more fascinating performances.
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