HK Claw Mobile Game Server and Network


The client is a renowned local mobile network service operator. Recently, they held a live event in shopping mall to let people experience 5G technology and enjoy the convenience it will bring to our future lives. As expected, the event attracted large crowd and many press coverage.

How we overcome?

Demo of Claw Crane Game
UDomain is responsible for providing technical support to the booth of a claw mobile game. Players could watch the claw crane machine with mobile phones via live streaming and they could even remotely control the claw in real time. Many of them were able to “grab” a prize even they were not physically controlling the machine. With 5G technology, even lower latency are expected in future. But right now, it still depends on the networking, server, site condition and the professional engineers to make the game run smoothly. And this is what UDomain does best.
Co-ordination with different parties
After knowing this event, UDomain proactively participated in planning from the beginning. We helped design the whole solution, including the venue, booth, networking and server setup. We also contacted the claw crane machine operator to discuss machine setup, server as well as resources allocation on the spot. With our experience in live streaming for various game websites and applications, we were completely on the same page with the claw crane machine operator. Our team provided full support to ensure smooth and real time video feed when participants were playing to make sure they would have the best gaming experience.
Network setup and machine assembly
2 days before the event, our crew began to set up for the big day. In order not to interfere with the daily business of the mall, we could only start the work late to midnight after the opening hour. We helped to assemble the claw crane machines, connected the power and network and coordinated with data center to ensure that the video feed is in high density (HD) and that the screen viewing was in high quality. Since time was stretched, our engineers had to work very fast in order to finish the project efficiently and flawlessly before the deadline.
Onsite support and urgent response

Learning from our previous experiences in organizing events, there could be many unexpected hiccups on the site. So, throughout the few days of the event, UDomain’s crew stayed onsite to monitor the network performance. In this way, we could respond immediately if the network went unstable or if there were any other problems. At the early stage of the event, the wireless network at the site once experienced traffic jam, causing latency for some games at the booths, including ours. It was because the event was using wireless network devices provided by the mall and it could not handle the sudden surge of high traffic. Players could hardly play the game.

So, we reached out to the client immediately and proposed to switch to the high level networking devices of our data center. It certainly was much more powerful than regular devices as it covered a larger area and allowed more users to play at the same time while maintaining high speed. This emergency solution ended up enable the event to go on smoothly.

Key Takeaways

'Customers first' is the motto of UDomain. We strive to cater to every need & concern of our clients. In any circumstances, we not only provide full support during the event, but also before the event. We would listen to what our clients truly need and provide the best and most suitable solution. UDomain is your best all-in-one Solution Provider in the market! With our strongest local backbone – over 100Gb+ local bandwidth and self-owned local data centers, we could effectively allocate resources and provide flexible, speedy and stable services to our clients.
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