HK e-Sports Race Car Tournament


The client is a large scale corporate group based in Hong Kong, operating several high end shopping malls. Recently, they held an eSport competition real-time across 3 of their malls in different districts and they invited a local driving simulation software developer to set up the racing stimulation in the malls. Some famous eSports KOL as well as audience on the spots were also invited to experience the sensation brought by the virtual autosport game.


The client requested real-time live streaming of the opening ceremony and competitions in all 3 event venues. Audience could watch the races of the 3 places on giant display screens and felt like just being right there at the race tracks. What's more, the client requested live broadcasting on the game developer's Facebook page after added special effects. Owing to limitation on the technical know-how and related equipment, they could hardly handle these tasks on their own. Therefore, they seek a third party for professional live streaming service.

How we overcome?

Live Streaming Solution
Live Streaming could involve complicated procedures, setup and many related parties. From the planning stage of the event, UDomain proactively communicated and coordinated with the organizer, filming crew as well as venue management to formulate rundown & contingency plan. UDomain network engineer team also conducted on-site visit in prior and planned for resources and equipment accordingly. The day before, our team followed through rehearsal in all 3 event venues for testing of streaming performance & connection of all network & equipment. Rounds of testing & trial run were done to ensure clips could be smoothly transmitted real-time to the other 2 venues via server and network.
Quality of the live streaming was the most vital part during the rehearsal. To ensure high quality transmission, our team performed testing on different devices and referred to the standard time of HK Observatory to find out if there was any prolonged latency. Our engineers would also read numbers aloud in front of the camera to check whether the video and audio inputs are in sync. Performance on display screens was another key issue. Our team found out that the dimension of the screens was different from the computer's, resulting in auto trimming of 4 sides of the screen. We immediately followed up with related parties so to modify the setting and fix the issue.
Ample Resources
During the testing, our team also found some problems on the bandwidth of the venues. Instead of 1Gb per planned, it was only 100Mb and this was definitely not sufficient to support live streaming. We contacted the venue management and communication service provider at once to find out the root cause. After investigation, some of the network supplies the organizer was using could not support such huge data transmission. Fortunately, UDomain was able to foresee anything that might possibly go wrong, including this kind of hardware limitation. With ample resources and professionalism, UDomain was able to get spare network switches and parts ready in no minute so that the bandwidth could well support the live streaming event.
Onsite Support
On the event day, UDomain engineer team arrived early to conduct final checking. We deployed 3 sub teams to station and standby at all 3 venues to monitor the live streaming quality and network performance. From our many years of streaming experience, we understood that even all things were normal under testing, there must be unexpected surprises here or there when it went live. Might it be unstable bandwidth, audio input not sync with video or even worse, fuzzy screens. Anything could happen and required immediate fix. With UDomain's devotion and close monitoring, the whole event was carried out successfully. All the speeches & sharing of guests, all the racing scenes were all real-time broadcast to other venues unimpededly. Believe players and audience of the 3 venues had a blast together with us.

Key Takeaways

Promotional live events are becoming more common in all industries and so are live broadcasting. But anything could happen during a live event no matter how well planned it is. UDomain, being an experienced comprehensive Solution Provider, could help you to overcome challenges. Simply leave the complicated live streaming to UDomain so that you could focus on the event itself!
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