Aaron Kwok Cheer up & Dance Online Charity Concert 2020


Almost all performances were cancelled due to the pandemic crisis, dancers and film producers were down to bare bones and left jobless. Aaron Kwok, who deservedly earned the title of ‘Asia God of Dance’, has been seeking ways to help these people in difficult times. After watching the successful Sam Hui online concert, he contacted new local media HiEggo to plan an online live broadcasted singing and dancing performance for audience all around the world, so as to raise funds for dancers and frontline film producers. Trusted by HiEggo, UDomain has once again worked as partner and provided comprehensive technical support.


Despite the good stage, video & audio facilities and production team, the client still have to deal with an enormous increase of audience from all over the world compared to the Sam Hui concert and the problem of overseas audience having slow connections. Free broadcasting functions on social media without reliable network connection and server resources could never support a large group of audience over the world to enjoy the show stably and continuously at the same time. The client then contacted us again for solutions.

How we overcome?

Emphasize communication with clients and provide tailor-made services
This is 2nd cooperated project with the same client, but UDomain would never simply copy what have been done last time out. Clients have always been our 1st priority, and we take every opportunity to understand clients’ needs in order to provide suitable solutions within budgets. As the planned Aaron Kwok online concert targeted audiences from Hong Kong, overseas as well as mainland China, a comprehensive CDN service to accelerate connection and minimize network latency, as well as contingency plans to deal with sudden increase of audience were much needed.
Project Manager to coordinate and follow up on task process
Although major technical issues were not found in Sam Hui online concert, UDomain left no place for complacency or negligence. Given the large scale of Aaron Kwok online concert, it was predicted that millions of audience could watch the show at the same time. Several tests were conducted between UDomain and the client to deal with such large online traffic. Our Project Manager followed up the process of tasks of different parties from time to time, coordinating with lots of detail such as rehearsal venue, test particulars and online concert rundowns. By facilitating division of work and putting the right people in the right place, work efficiency has then been ensured.
Well-timed allocation of resources to guarantee stable transmission
In the testing procedure, UDomain have already reserved network resources dedicated to deal with the potential unstable network connection brought by huge audience watching the live show in the same time. Even when there were some 20 overseas public media, publishing platforms and sponsors contacted UDomain for permission to broadcast the event, the professional UDomain technical team were able to set up overseas server farm in no time to facilitate the sudden increase of broadcasts to overseas. Together with global coverage of CDN, we successfully channeled online traffic well to over 80 social platforms all over the world and let over 2 million of audience enjoy high quality and seamless live performance.

Key Takeaways

As the saying goes ‘a minute on stage takes 10 years of hard work’, the online concert was a success thanks to all the efforts paid by the technician. The UDomain Cloud Server and CDN technical team made full use of a wide range of technologies – including 100Gb+ dedicated local bandwidth & 30Gb+ overseas and China bandwidth, 300Gb+ global CDN coverage, China Routing CN2, streaming server and instantly set up server farms – to overcome the geographical barricades. This online benefit concert with God of Dance Aaron Kwok and 100 dancers performing was a huge success, and the aim to raise funds for dancers and producers affected by the pandemic was largely fulfilled.

UDomain is always determined to serve local SMEs, just like what we have been doing for the past 22 years. We dedicate the resources, experiences and talents to provide you with innovative and suitable solutions in this ever changing environment.

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