Financial Media Outlet's regular live programme


Nowadays, live streaming events have become a global trend that every enterprise cannot miss. A reputable financial media outlet, which provides regular live programs to bring the latest financial news and insight to the audience, has been struggling to expand the coverage of live broadcasting to the Mainland due to technical obstacles. Therefore they reach out to UD and seek technical solution.


  • Despite the financial media outlet’s expertise lies in content production and it is equipped with sufficient hardware for live broadcasting, it requests CDN network and live streaming support to enable users from the Mainland to watch their programs.
  • It is difficult for the client to recruit full-time technicians, the manpower cost is also a concern.
  • Client has plans to expand business to the Southeast Asian market, therefore the demand for streaming live broadcast and CDN network has raised.

How we overcome?

Monthly fee plan to make your life easier
We understand that the platform hosts regular live events but they are facing both technical and cost challenges. UD provides monthly fee plan featuring unlimited usage of full HD 1080p live media streaming service and content delivery acceleration. The fee is charged on monthly basis, which not only makes the price more affordable, but also saves a lot of administrative procedures.
Professional team to back you up
Apart from solving the technical problems during the live events, UD also offers assistance in the design, setup and management of the streaming server. Client enjoys the full support by a team of professional and is able to focus on content production.
Excellent network for expanding market
UD's dedicated streaming server enhances both performance and operational flexibility; Our excellent China and global CDN allows audiences from the Mainland, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States to enjoy ultimate user experience. This solution not only enable client to break through geographical and network speed restrictions, but also tap into the global market.

Key Takeaways

Live streaming has become an indispensable part for business, but many platforms are facing technical problems such as network, real-time support, as well as the manpower cost. With premium network infrastructure and years of practical experience, UD can offer the best tailor-made solutions that fit your needs.
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